Keeping server rooms cool with roof ventilation


It’s no secret that I’m a Linux fanatic, and I have more enterprise-class servers than I can count. To tell you the truth, my office’s server room is so big that I’ve lost track of what is what. The one thing I do know however is that my servers pump out an incredible amount of heat. I investigated different methods of cooling them down, and installing air conditioning in my server room wasn’t keeping things at the optimal temperature. After doing my own research online, I discovered that this was likely a result of not having good ventilation.

I investigated my options and eventually turned up information about a local provider called Genesis Roofing. After reaching out to them on the phone, I spoke to Peter, “Installing good roof ventilation in combination with a dehumidifier will keep air circulating through your server room and will keep moisture out,” he helpfully explained, “Your servers will be more likely to overheat without air being circulated in and out of the room.” That isn’t good! It appears I need to look into installing better ventilation in my technology rooms. I hadn’t actually considered this before, and I consider myself a very thorough researcher. After all, when you install Gentoo and build your OS from the ground up, you become a very resourceful person.

I advise everyone working with enterprise-class technology to look into cooling options. Don’t think small! Start big! You don’t only need to worry about liquid cooling for your hardware, but you also need to worry about the environment of the room itself. A hot room can kill the most robust cooling system. Even if you have big, chunky fans cooling your servers down, if the room’s atmospheric temperature is too hot, you’re eventually going to run into a problem. Best case?  Your servers crash, leaving your clients and all of your websites offline. Worst case? You have to buy new servers. Get ventilation!

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